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Vadie believes in making positive music

Reggae artiste Vadie believes in the power of positive music, which is why he only records songs that carry uplifting messages.

“I grew up listening to artistes like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear and Garnett Silk. From those early days, I decided that I would use my voice to sing songs that will inspire and uplift the people,” said the artiste.

The Kingston-born singer, who is also a talented guitarist, is on a mission to spread love and hope throughout the world with his music.

“The Creator has blessed me with great talent and I am using it to spread love and unity throughout the world. I don’t sing songs that encourage negativity. My music is for the people who hunger for inspiration and guidance. I’m not here to knock anyone, but I wish more entertainers would sing conscious music and stop singing about sex and guns,” he said.

Vadie lists his father, Lawrence White, and late guitarist Jimmy Hendrix as two of his biggest musical influences.

“My father is a veteran musician. Back in the day, he worked as a studio musician and he also played in Freddie McGregor’s Studio One Band. Jimmy Hendrix is also a big influence, too. I love his songs and how he played the guitar,” said Vadie.

He’s currently promoting a new single, titled From Mi Born, which was produced by Noreen Henry Forbes.

“My latest single is doing well, it’s getting a lot of support from DJs all over the world. I’m also getting great feedback from my fans about it. This is a good look for my career,” he said.

Vadie, given name Vaughn White, has previously released songs like Never Lose My MedsElder Story and Marijuana Tree.

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