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About the Music Production


"We are dedicated to all Genre of live music including producing and promoting global and regional concert tours, music events and world renowned festivals."

Noreen Forbes


Noreen Henry Forbes, the chief executive officer (CEO) of independent label,  4Ds & N NuMedz Music Production LLC imprint, shared Vadie’s overarching vision of edutainment through positive, inspirational music, and signed the talented young man to her label.

Together, they believe they can change the world.

Forbes, a savvy businesswoman created the company in 2018  to nurture, develop and hone talented artistes and musicians who share her singular vision of changing the world through music.

The entity soon inked a recording and booking deal with emerging singer Vadie in 2021. Mrs. Forbes has continued to play an instrumental role in the organisation’s daily operations, serving as artiste manager and producer.

Vadie generated a big buzz in 2021 with his breakout single, From Mi Born, which was produced by Noreen Henry Forbes, and is arguably his most successful project to date.

The single, From Mi Born, was released with visuals in September 2021 on the 4Ds & N NuMedz Music Production LLC imprint, earning Vadie rave reviews from music insiders for his clarity, unique delivery and witty positive lyrics.

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